Here are our recommendations for  help with BROWSERS, MEDIAPLAYERS, PLUG-INS.  We'd love to know if you have any tips and/or recommendations you think might help our on-line community, or if you would like to make technical suggestions on interacting with this website,
you can go here

These  Web Browsers below are recommended for using our site; they're all  free to install and we'd recommend regular updates so you have the current versions.

Apple's browser comes as standard with all OS X operating systems. Automatic updates with  the operating system's  'Software Update' function. Support  at:

Internet Explorer
Microsoft's browser is standard with all Windows computers. Downloads and upgrades available from
Mac version not recommended.

Mozilla's PC and Mac compatible browser; download installation files/updates  from:

Google Chrome
Google's own browser is available from:

 Plug-Ins exist for most browser types to give you a  richer experience in using our site.

Macromedia's Flash plug-in is used to run animations on many websites.  You can download it free from

Another free Macromedia plug-in - although you won't need it at the moment for this site's viewing you might need it for our website outward links. Downloaded from

Adobe Acrobat Reader for PD's
Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from the following address:



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