Founder of suZenYoga, Susan Ni Rahilly is a published author, Meditation and Hatha Yoga Teacher.  Her teaching typically draws on breathwork in deep Hatha practice, as well as Raja Yoga (the Yoga of Meditation).

23 years in her own practice now, and teaching Meditation for 18 years, Susan’s Hatha Yoga teaching is inspired by Zen and her ongoing research into our innate abilities for deep listening and intuitive practice.  And never more so than in her work with children and young people.

Susan describes her approach:  “My Yoga became a way in which I could experience life and my yoga developed with my experience of life:  exactly what it’s supposed to be, individual, vast and rich.

Yoga has become something for me where I’m always finding new places to go in myself and with others, as a teacher.  It has become the path that always leads me to answering the question: “who am I?”  But “my yoga” only became my yoga when my husband died in 2003.  When I had to fall back on the support of everything yoga is and can be.  And when I needed it yoga was there for me, learning anew and deeply to be totally in the moment, feeling the feelings and, at times, simply breathing.

When I started training in Yorkshire, in the north of England, I was lucky enough to be able to attend class every day of the week – Iyengar or Hatha Yoga and a weekly meditation class with my teacher Sam Singh.  Growing up in Bradford, West Yorkshire was like growing up in India really, what with the Asian population and all the curry-houses and sari emporiums.  And in those Iyengar classes – a tough discipline for the young and fit - there would be 20 or 30 people of all ages and abilities, always at least a third of the class made up of old people who would come in with hold-alls full of pillows and blankets and blocks, just so that they could get into the posture.  From this I learned the gentle, passive and supported postures of yoga.  My own study gave me my love of yoga as therapy.

It is the way that I wake up daily with a sense of wonder and at night return to my experience of the source, just as we’re supposed to in Zen.  And in Zen I found an affinity with the energy work, breathing and meditation (and the mad stories!).  Loving the lightness and relaxed effortless of Zen, I use it in my teaching whenever I can.”



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