WELCOME, and enter into our SUZENYOGA website through the ASHRAM

The website is designed to be organic, from the Ashram you then move into our areas of WELLBEING, (SVA-NYASA SAUCHA),  living with Yoga (YAMA), the CAFE area for socialising and keeping uptodate, the SUTRAS OF SHOPPING, which is our shopping and Storefront area for  our own YOGA PRODUCTS by download – and of course KIDS, the children's area. Throughout suZenyoga.com we have ZEN, MEDITATION, YOGA, TRAINING.

YOGA is described as the “many threaded tapestry” - you can start anywhere and the threads will take you where you're supposed to go.  And as the teacher, I'm here to encourage you to step in and enjoy the adventure along the path of Yoga! You'll find a caring and ancient culture of support and guidance with a vast and disciplined underlying structure for your life.

Our Ashram is our workspace – for our courses and classes, our workshops . . . our Practice.
And each special place of Practice in our Ashram has its own rhythms. . .  Our  MEDITATION CLASS  will shortly be available as a downloadable course: Essence of Yoga Meditation .

HELP I NEED YOGA  is free to download and updated as and when we can! And previous content is available in the Archives so you can visit again for your Practice..
Our WORKSHOPS  have their own rhythms . . . ZEN SUN is now on DVD, available as download in the Sutras of Shopping Storefront . . . and the DVD will be on sale January 2011.

. . . and due to the impermanent and ever changing nature in all things, (especially the internet!)  please check regularly with our RECEPTION NOTICEBOARD for updates, new additions and changes . .
Susan's CD BREATHING FOR YOUR BACK is now available for download in the STOREFRONT and this stunningly simple yet PROFOUND breathing  CD will be on sale with New World Music January 2011 – we'll have the link for you to buy at that time.  There's more information on the Reception Noticeboard.
I hope you enjoy your Yoga, and enjoy your Practice with us . . .

Practice is Enlightenment.  Namaste. 


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