Namaste and welcome to your Wellbeing mini-Yoga Class at Sva-nyasa Saucha.


wellbeing class

A Yoga practice video to strengthen and support the lower back
Running time:  54 mins  Format:  .mov  9.00 Euro

This practice is about our backs, our lower backs, with Gentle Yoga. 

It’s about working with the Breath,  with Gravity,

and about experiencing the Wave of the Breath flowing through the body . . .
In this mini-Yoga class we practice Surrender, Balance, Strengthening,

Harmonising Body-Mind Energy . . .  and we experience Wellbeing.

Sva-nyasa Saucha means our Self in a Special Place of Purity.

Making the space for your Practice is important. 

If you don’t have a mat you can use rugs or a blanket on the floor or ground –

and please always make sure of the usual things for your Practice space like being warm,

using soft things to support yourself such as blankets and pillows –

and of course switching phones off and making sure you won't be disturbed.

Namaste, enjoy!

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