Silence – One of Nature's Gifts

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Uncovering your own Bliss Nature, deep in your being with one of nature's own gifts, Silence.

Silence promotes wellbeing.  Being in Silence allows stimulation to fall away.  It gives the body/mind/emotional system a healing rest.  Silence allows us to calm down our responses as it lessens anger, fear and anxiety – and so your own Bliss Nature can emerge as you regain balance.

The Sound of  Silence is different for everyone.

For me, right now whilst I'm writing it's the silence of the bay here in Baltimore.  And when I was living on a beach on the East Coast of Ireland writing a wellbeing book for women *, the sound of silence was the constant wash of the sea ever present in the background. For some people it is the roar of traffic outside the window, day in, day out, night in, night out.

Sometimes, some very special quiet, sacred times, it is a totally still soundless few moments in a garden or out in the countryside.  When noise stops, time seems to stand still.  As though we had nothing to measure time against.  And then we can relax, with nothing to respond to.  This experience of timeless-stillness is when we can sense our own spirit.

Free from the need for responses, with nothing to react to, no expectations or demands made on us whatsoever – then we can simply BE.

You may not realise that you have become conditioned to living in a world of noise.  And noise is pollution.  Noise is a stimulation to the body.  If we have to respond to loud noise over long stretches of time our whole body/mind, and not just our hearing, becomes involved in the work.  This especially applies to our blood system as blood vessels constrict which makes us very tired. Noise also causes the adrenal glands to be overstimulated, making us anxious and nervous. Also, we are as human beings mostly made up of water and water vibrates with noise so our delicately balanced bodily flows are affected and change, changing the balance in our bodily systems.

Silence helps with rest and relaxation, so that nerve endings can regenerate.  Silence helps us clear the mind as it allows us to turn within to care for our inner world.  Silence helps us clear our thoughts and emotions.

It may be difficult to find but just 10 minutes silence at first will be beneficial – just as relaxation is cumulative (the more you do, the more you can do), so you can build up the time you spend in silence.  Build it up, 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there, until you can manage 30 minutes at a stretch.  Until you can manage, say a 30 minute walk in silence and peace and enjoy it, benefitting from the space you give yourself.  Eventually you will be able to experience a sense of peace, harmony and wellbeing – being happier with yourself, happier in your body and more accepting of yourself as we are supposed to be in our Yoga meditation.

Give yourself space regularly to be quiet, calm and silent, and you will be able to sort out your own thoughts and emotions, releasing old pent up anger and frustration that might have affected your body/mind. And you'll be allowing your body/mind to heal naturally, returning to balance – your own inner, beautiful shining self shining through.

And it seems right to end here, in getting right to the essence of Zen – for our zazen practice, silence is the essence.  In Zen, all we do is a very simple meditative practice where we sit still and concentrate on being present to ourselves.  We focus on the posture, sitting straight and still. Then there's breathing and silence, and that in turn determines our state of mind.

It's all a process.  We take time out to find a deeper meaning in life.  And so we feel well and vital.

As zen master Dogen said:  Zazen is a big rest and a big joy . . . 


* from: Don't Howl for the Moon, Susan Ni Rahilly, 1999


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