Osho  Vivekananda  Satyananda

At a time when the world seems to be at a loss, rejecting past values
without being able to establish new ones, Yoga is the most valuable
inheritance of the present.  It is the essential need of today.....and
the culture of tomorrow.....

Swami Satyananda

Satsang means being with one who rests in their being – so, the teacher . . . and being with others in truth . . . the workshop, the group, the meditation class . . .

And as this is a virtual community with digital content, we'll be reading from the teachings of some of Yoga's most inspirational teachers . . . and you can listen to my readings in our downloads.

Satsang is an important step along the path of Sadhana, our practice, and taking Satsangs is vital in your progress along the path to Meditation.  Being in Satsang, in active listening to the truth of the teacher, leads  us naturally into a regular (hopefully weekly) practice in contemplation . . .

. . . staying with the seeds of our thoughts in contemplation leads to silence . . . and spontaneously and eventually Meditation.

The most recent Satsang is on Susan’s blog here

NOTE: If you do find yourself becoming resistant to the teachings at any time, relax your defences as this is fear in your head – relax the back of the brain and be aware of your breath, to soften  . . . and to be receptive to the teachings.


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